My name is Mark and I manage the production of motion pictures, video clips, docs and testimonials, biographical material, corporate videos and image clips, product-in-use, how-tos, educational and training videos. I am located in Oakville, Ontario and am a graduate from Ryerson University School of Media Production (with B.A., M.A.)

From conceptualization to creation and finalisation, I can organize and orchestrate the following:

- Graphics design, pre- and print, commercial packaging and brand management
- Social media, viral campaigns planning and realization
- Sales targeting and client focus, cross-media marketing und analysis
- PR and internal communikation
- Brand management, CI and product diversification
- Revision and modifikation of existing marketing materials and methods
- Language management, translations and synchronization to and from English, German, French,
  Polish, Spanish, Italian, Turkish

All services offered are also available for dedicated mobile devices (iOS and Android)!
Opus Magister Media is your video production specialist. We excel in scripted corporate communications, infomercials, sales clips, video biographies, product in use shots, endorsements, testimonials, presentation video, training videos, documentaries, short films, DRTV etc.
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